Projects & collaborations

My own projects and collaborations

2017 – : YODOK IX – As We Fade Out Into The Sweet Stream Of Oblivion – a collaboration between dance artists Flønes/Sanders/Strugstad, the band YODOK III, and light artists Ingrid Skanke Høsøien and Pekka Stokke.

2014 – : Arnfinn´s – a dance-bandduo with sound artist Arnfinn Killingtveit.

2014: Järmyr/Havnes/Sanderscollaboration with percussionist Tomas Järmyr and sound artist Eirik Havnes.

2012 – 13: TrioSAPFO3 trio with percussionist Matilda Rolfsson and dance artist Maria Roisin Sundt.

2009 – 14: VIB (verksted for improvisert bevegelse) collective with dance artists Mari Flønes and Luis Della Mea.

2010: Construire Humain choreography development project with dance artists Mari Flønes and Live Strugstad.

2010: Filmeksperiment fra Kuhaugen short film.

2009: Bridge & Tunnell Movement Collective – trio with dance artists Rebecca Bone and Jeffrey Kent Jacobs.

2009: This Makes Noise duo with saxofonist Bjarne Iestra / Marcus Cummins.

2008: Pustepatruljen performance created in collaboration with musician Bjarne Iestra for «Landing 08: St Olavs Hospital // Trondheim» – festival for site specific art.

2007: 7 threads – a performancea series of 7 site specific performances created in collaboration with artist John Cunningham and composer Lars Erik Ter-Jung.

2006: Magma (performer & choreographer) – site specific outdoor performance created in collaboration with musicians in Kvinnherad.

2005 – 07: Suite nr 1 bwv 1007 (J. S. Bach)solo performed with guitarist Tom Stien.

2003 – 04: Now that we found love… duo performed with Andy Arndt / Gard Eidsaunet Vinje.